Fashion week in Milan. The Trussardi collection spring-summer 2015

Gorgeous, elegant, timeless and chic – that stood before us, a new collection of Trussardi spring-summer 2015, shown at Milan fashion Week.

700x300  This collection is focused on sports woman who loves her body and leads an active life, and knows how to combine sporty style with traditional trends.

This collection, which pays tribute to the skin, demonstrating traditional leather delicacies with a modern twist. Creative Director of the brand, Gaia Trussardi (Gaia Trussardi) reviewed the philosophy of style, luxury Italian fashion house, which mainly focuses on practical and sophisticated accessories for women and men, resulting in a created brand fresh and relevant collection, filled with charming trends of modern fashion.

The Trussardi woman is a big fan of vintage style leather treats, as explained herself Gaia before showing his stunning collection.
Therefore, the focus of the entire collection Trussardi spring summer 2015 again accessories – shoes and bags.
They are made in various shades and wide variety of forms, but all of them elegant and timeless.
You will immediately fall in love with these roomy bags that will allow you to store all your most important personal belongings.
At the same time leather platform shoes, made in vintage style, will make you feel very comfortable, at the same time, extending your figure and improve gait.
In addition to the luxury and fashion accessories, the collection of Trussardi spring summer 2015, of course, there are many cool casual clothes interesting design.
The color palette of the collection is also inspired by classic leather treats and presents white, camel, Burgundy, brown and pistachio shades, as well as all colours of classic denim, which look incredible together harmoniously and elegantly.

V this collection is no place for prints and patterns (with the exception of bands in the retro style, which evokes a sense of nostalgia for the French Riviera), and the main role for luxurious materials, textures and impeccable tailoring from Trussardi.
This monochrome clothes, sometimes with the presence of graphics and color – blocks, and sometimes in a classic design – in one shade from head to toe.
Also it is worth noting the mixture of styles, where sports comes in combination with the classics, which in result leads to perfection.
Thus, you can find in the collection of Trussardi spring summer 2015 flashy tops, mini-skirts and shorts combined with jackets, the bomber jackets, classic shirts and elegant coats.
As a rule, all collections of Trussardi are quite versatile in terms of styles available, as for businesswomen, and for those who want to look like the most modern and slightly cheeky.
9x300 So, for you can find in this collection straight dresses knee, classic specialized pants with a wide leg, elegant tops, beautiful skirts and suits. On the other hand, fans casalinga style will be in love with mini-shorts, skirts with the smell, cropped tops and tight pants.
Beautiful colors and forms, the most luxurious materials, chic and gloss – this is probably the best description of the magnificent collection of Trussardi spring summer 2015 collection. This is the best collection of practical and wearable things for spring, versatile and chic at the same time.

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